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The Harvester evolved into a course built upon Iowa's values of hard work, honesty, integrity and helping one another.


Moving forward, our vision is to take something good and enhance every aspect to create a remarkable experience.

Projected Timeline:



Feb 2018: Clubhouse and properties

                     remodeling begins

             New plans to review from Keith


April 2018: Construction on course begins


July 2018: Construction on course wraps up


Nov 2018: Clubhouse construction ends

                Finishing touches and decor added


Jan 2019: Memberships start


May 2019: Golf begins

inspiration images

January 21, 2018

Initial meeting with Keith Foster:


Our goals:

-Making an already good golf course great,

     - complete bunker redesign

     - new layout of tee boxes

     - regrassing of the course.

     - select feature enhancements

     - some hole layout changes

Meeting with architect about clubhouse goals...


Take advantage of views and rework clubhouse to be member centered:

    - new locker rooms and lounges including utilizing

           stunning views of the course!

    - complete interior renovation of clubhouse

    - new kitchen layout plan to service our members

    - completely renovate kitchen and dining area

    - update pro shop

    - redesign basement for purpose of servicing

             our members

As part of our extensive remodeling plan for the Club House, parts of the exterior of the structure are being demolished.

March 30, 2018

Demolition is moving forward on the interior and exterior of the clubhouse. The clubhouse will be a golfer's dream place to hang out. It will be very functional for a pure golf club and visually very pleasing. The final design and drawing to be released very soon.


I hope you will enjoy following the conversion of The Harvester Golf Club from public to private; but more importantly, from very good to great.




Membership -


The interest we have received for membership information has been remarkable. We encourage anyone who is sincerely interested to inquire about membership. Golfing always has been the priority of The Harvester and will continue to be our only focus.


We are creating a pure golf club. The process to select our membership is underway. The steps include the following:


1. Establishing a list of potential members through
    personal relationships, inquiries from those who
    love the game of golf, and through other means of
    connecting with individuals who understand and
    appreciate great golf.

2. Personal and mass communication with potential
    members informing them of the progress at
    The Harvester. Through this process we hope to
    form a relationship with potential members before
    narrowing down candidates.

3. Membership bylaws and rules are in development.
    How the club will operate and function is in the
    process of being established. Once complete,
    membership candidates will be informed.


The level of remodeling proposed in the clubhouse will require the interior of the structure to be completely gutted.

main entrance after demo


bar area after demo

Proposed On-Site
Course Renovations

April 27, 2018

The selective demolition of the clubhouse continues on schedule. The exterior has been stripped down while the architects continue work to finalize the design of the new clubhouse.


Work has also begun on the course with a visit from Keith Foster to oversee the beginning stages of the renovation. Ground work has begun on the front 9.



different sands being tested on-site

Dickson (owner) and Joel (golf superintendent) meeting with Keith Foster (golf course architect).

demolition of the course has begun
 (holes 5 & 6 pictured)

Red shows the extent of demolition to the clubhouse in preparation of the redesign.

construction on hole 1

May 30, 2018

Construction continues on the front 9. Weekly on-site consultations with Keith Foster directs the renovations while holes throughout are at different stages of construction. Renovations include new and restructured bunkers; resized and reshaped greens; and shifting tee boxes. Below shows some of the reconstruction on holes 1 and 3.


As the demo work on the clubhouse wraps up, design work continues. Elements are being finalized to prepare to order materials for the exterior construction to begin. Structural work to support the new design is underway.

panoramic view of construction behind the clubhouse

hole 1 after

hole 1 before

construction on hole 3